A Variety of Useful Tools and Handouts for Practitioners

These handouts summarize SMHP guidelines and key tenets of TCR that are useful for the prospective or veteran practitioner

  • Overview of the Benefits and Risk of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction (TCR)

    This handout includes three large studies that demonstrate the efficacy of TCR  in improving metabolic health.  This should help them understand why this approach works.

  • Introduction to Low Carb

    Use this handout to discuss a classic, well-formulated ketogenic diet with your patients.  This provides them with a simple guide to get them started.

  • Why Your Patients Should Wear a CGM

    This handout highlights the benefits of using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to improve metabolic health and how to use them effectively for multiple patient populations.

  • Introduction to Insulin Resistance

    Insulin resistance is the underlying cause of nearly all metabolic disease. This handout reviews the causes, diagnosis and treatment of insulin resistance.

  • Metabolic Health Pitch Deck

    Take the ppt slides and give an afternoon talk to your administrators. Hopefully the admin are convinced to allow you to open a pilot metabolic health clinic in their larger clinic. We picture this as one resource in a new series of resources for creating your own metabolic clinic.  Here is a sample presentation video to help you.