Journal of Metabolic Health (JMH)

The official journal for the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners

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The Journal of Metabolic Health, previously the Journal of Insulin Resistance, is now the official publication for the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.  With a holistic approach beyond insulin resistance, this partnership empowers practitioners and researchers via a new platform to drive impactful change in patient care, research, and innovation, fostering a healthier future for all.

A Key Focus

Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction and Beyond

The Journal of Metabolic Health uniquely prioritizes therapeutic carbohydrate reduction as a vital area in research and education, aligning with the mission of The SMHP™ to promote evidence based approaches to metabolic health improvement.

Pioneering Global Metabolic Health Research

Together, AOSIS and The SMHP™ take the lead in fostering metabolic health research worldwide. This partnership empowers practitioners and researchers with an additional platform to drive impactful change in patient care by advancing research and expanding knowledge and innovation in the field. United, we can have a much bigger impact.

A Key Focus

Empowering Your Research Journey

AOSIS and The SMHP™ join to spearhead global metabolic health research. This partnership empowers innovation, driving impactful change in patient care and advancing knowledge for a healthier future.

Publication Opportunities

Gain valuable publication opportunities in our journal, covering various metabolic health topics, including lifestyle factors, carbohydrate reduction, nutrition, obesity, food addiction, food policy and endocrinology.

Networking and Collaboration

Join a thriving community of metabolic health practitioners and researchers Collaborating with like-minded professionals worldwide.

Expert Guidance

Navigating the publication process can be both exciting and challenging. Receive dedicated support throughout the publication process to ensure your work reaches its full professional potential.

Contribute to Global Impact

Make a difference by contributing to the global discourse on metabolic health improvement.

Access the Journal

Visit the Journal of Metabolic Health website to submit papers and learn more about our publication process.