Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the SMHP to effect change. This is a collaborative effort of the SMHP and the Nutrition Coalition to focus not only on the changes needed in the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans, but reforms that are needed in other policies and programs elsewhere as well. Through our coordinated efforts, we hope to introduce projects and campaigns to help change many sectors of our community, like schools, hospitals, food allowance programs, and so much more.

Jodi Nishida Squasre

Jodi Nishida, PharmD

Committee Chair

Dr. Jodi has been living a well-formulated ketogenic lifestyle for over 4 years. By eliminating carbs and sugar, the autoimmune condition that she suffered with for 13 years went into remission.  She no longer had to inject herself in the abdomen weekly.  After both researching and personally realizing the numerous benefits of low carb, she opened a private practice in Honolulu, HI based in ketogenic nutrition and cardiometabolic health. She has helped thousands of patients with their medical conditions from head to toe and works tirelessly to make keto a sustainable lifestyle in Hawaii.

Partnered with a Cardiologist, The Keto Prescription Clinic accepts 90% of insurance plans to be able to help all socioeconomic groups including Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Jodi also holds unique menu collaborations with food companies such as Zippy's Restaurants, 7-Eleven Hawaii, Big City Diner, Via Gelato, Feast, and others.  She has been featured on the radio, numerous podcasts, and TV shows in Hawaii where she advocates for a low carb lifestyle through education and showing the fun, delicious side of being healthy. You can find her on Facebook @Jodi.Nishida or Instagram @theketoprescription.

Committee Leadership (click on images to see bios)

Kendrick Murphy, PharmD, BCACP, MHP

Tia Reid, CDM, CFPP, MHP

Karen Jerome-Zapadka, M.D

Dr. Steven Croft

Doug Reynolds, MHP