Why Become A Member?

  • To Be Listed as a Provider is Free - However, we highly encourage you to explore the benefits of becoming a member.
  • Accreditation - Your SMHP membership opens the door to several different pathways to accreditation as a Metabolic Health Practitioner with the right to display the MHP credential. SMHP accreditation certifies the practitioner has met the SMHP standards of training ensuring understanding and proficiency in applying diet and lifestyle practices to address metabolic health.
  • Education & Training - As a member of SMHP you will gain access to our Grand Rounds lecture series which qualify for CME/CMHE credits.  You will also be invited to participate in sporadic Townhall meetings where we will solicit your input on how we can better serve this community.
  • SMHP Professional Forums - As a member of SMHP, you will gain access to our professional forums, where practitioners will have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics and engage in conversations that will establish Standard of Care for therapeutic carbohydrate restriction over time.
  • Membership badge - The official membership badge next to your SMHP listing in the provider directory conveys that you are a member of the The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP), the organization that represents all researchers and practitioners working to improve metabolic health around the world through education, training, and support of evidence-based nutritional approaches, including carbohydrate restriction, as a valid therapeutic option or intervention.
  • Make a Difference - Your membership in SMHP will make a tangible difference in the way metabolic health is treated globally. Your support of the SMHP will help us as we work to establish Standard of Care (SoC) for carbohydrate restriction interventions and ensure their acceptance as a valid and effective approach to metabolic health.

 *Join SMHP before Dec 31st 2024, using the code ‘Incubator’ to save 20% on your first year membership as a Physician or a Non-Physician Member.

Level of Engagement

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$499.00 per Year.

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$199.00 per Year.

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$99.00 per Year.

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$99.00 per Year.