Through our education and accreditation partnership with Nutrition Network’s online training, you can begin the journey toward helping others regain their metabolic health today

The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (The SMHP™) is a pioneering non-profit organization with a global vision. The SMHP represents all researchers and practitioners working to improve metabolic health around the world through education, training, and support of evidence-based nutritional approaches, including carbohydrate restriction, as a valid therapeutic option or intervention.

A critical instrument in the SMHP’s arsenal to realize this vision is the Metabolic Health Practitioner (MHP) Accreditation.

MHP Accreditation is more than a certification; it’s a testament to a professional’s expertise and commitment to enhancing metabolic health. It equips practitioners with the knowledge to provide effective nutritional coaching and education. Simultaneously, it assures clients and patients that their health is in the hands of professionals trained in the latest strategies for therapeutic carbohydrate reduction. 

Earning the MHP accreditation also allows SMHP members to display their MHP badge on their directory listing featured on the SMHP website, making it easier for the public to find accredited practitioners or coaches.

There are numerous pathways to this coveted accreditation, each designed to accommodate diverse professional backgrounds:

  • Nutrition Network Pathway
  • National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN) Pathway
  • Clinical Practice Pathway
  • Published Paper Pathway
  • Research Project Pathway
  • Fellowship Pathway
  • Honorary Pathway

Each pathway has specific requirements, which are detailed on The SMHP website.

For those eager to expedite their journey, those interested in pursuing the Nutrition Network Pathway can take advantage of one of the two discounted packages available that provide all of the training needed to earn the MHP Accreditation.

The SMHP Accreditation Bundle for Coaches and Non-Medical Practitioners and The SMHP Accreditation Bundle for Medical and Healthcare Workers offer all the required courses at a special discounted price. Both bundles necessitate the acquisition of 60 Continuing Metabolic Health Education (CMHE) separate credits from an approved provider, a quantity that could easily be obtained from (upcoming or listed previous events) LowCarbUSA Symposiums, or from other CMHE providers listed on The SMHP website.

Your training could start today, and you could be applying the knowledge you acquire to help others sooner than you might have ever dreamed possible.

SMHP Founder and President, Doug Reynolds expressed his enthusiasm for the growing professional interest he has seen in the last 2 ½ years since The SMHP inception. “We are excited that the professional community of practitioners is recognizing the value and importance of this accreditation process. It adds legitimacy to our concerted efforts to address the epidemic of metabolic disease and obesity,” he said. 

Pam Devine, Founding Member and FT Volunteer at The SMHP, and Co founder, and COO of LowCarbUSA, echoed those sentiments. “The feedback we are receiving from practitioners and coaches has been so inspiring,” she said. “We’ve had practitioners express that the knowledge they’ve gained about nutrition and metabolic health from this process, and the accreditation as a Metabolic Health Practitioner, has been more valuable than what they learned while getting their medical degree and gaining those credentials, which is really quite incredible!”

An article on The SMHP website features Amanda Decker, a nurse practitioner in rural Tennessee, who was one of the first to receive the  MHP accreditation from The SMHP. We published a follow-up article the following year after she purchased a 4,000-square-foot building having to expand for her growing metabolic health & weight management clinic. The SMHP is always interested in hearing stories about others who are using their MHP Accreditation to help patients and clients improve their metabolic health and quality of life. Contact us here.

Not yet a member of The SMHP?

In addition to MHP accreditation, The SMHP offers a host of other benefits for its members. The organization is committed to providing a platform where professionals can continue to learn, connect, and grow in their pursuit of metabolic health advancement and support the work going forward. 

There have been a number of volunteer committees already formed who have been hard at work on initiatives to provide awareness, and resources.

One such effort has been from the Advocacy Committee, and the Resources Committee. Who are often combining their efforts into providing tools such as these

practical tools such as practitioner handouts  and patient handouts to aid in the dissemination of crucial information. A free training video library provides a wealth of educational materials right at your fingertips, while the Clinical Guidelines provide clinicians with a general protocol for implementing therapeutic carbohydrate restriction as a dietary intervention in hospitals or clinics. 

To stay at the forefront of the latest developments, members have exclusive access to Grand Rounds Presentations, led by leading practitioners and researchers in the field. These informative sessions provide valuable insights and promote dialogue on pertinent issues related to metabolic health and CME/CMHE credits are available in bundles, included in membership, for all participants.

The SMHP also fosters a community where members can engage, share experiences, and collaborate on the Member Forums. These forums present an opportunity to discuss and debate the latest research, share clinical experiences, or seek advice from peers.

Joining The SMHP provides an opportunity to be part of a dynamic, forward-thinking community that’s actively working towards a healthier future. So, if you haven’t already done so, consider joining The SMHP today. You will not only gain the tools and knowledge needed to make a significant impact on metabolic health, but also join a network of professionals who are just as passionate about making a difference as you are. Members of The SMHP also receive a membership badge that is placed next to their SMHP listing in the provider directory. 

For more information about The SMHP, its benefits, and how to join, please visit. Make a difference in the global health landscape by joining us today, and start the journey to your MHP accreditation.

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