Agnes Ryu

Agnes Ryu

Biographical Information Dr Ryu has an integrative medicine background from Korea and has been in practice over 25 years, treating over 20,000 patients. Her unique extensive training and research across the disciplines enable her to approach medical challenges from multiple angles, integrating the best of both Western science and time-tested natural medicine. Our services: - Natural Fertility optimization (male/female) - Supporting IVF - PCOS, Weight optimization for fertility, hormone health - Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, fatty liver - Thyroid and Adrenal issues, Hashimoto - Premature menopause, ageing concerns - Natural Breast Cancer Support, Oestrogen metabolism - Gentle & effective Acupuncture/Physical therapies - Specialist lab testing

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Level SMHP Provider

Address Dr Ryu, The Old Town Hall 4 Queen's Road London SW19 8YB
London, SRY SW19 8YB

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Phone 07427067122

Area Of Expertise Metabolic Health, Energy metabolism and endocrinology, Fertility, Hormonal issues, Optimal Body Composition

Category Physician

Specialities Internal Medicine, Ketogenic Lifestyle, PCOS