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    Bio An American board certified Endocrinologist, practicing lifestyle medicine. I am based out of Mumbai and my practice is 100% virtual. I realised my endocrinology training lacked focus on lifestyle change which I believe is at the core of helping people heal. I have been trained as a certified diabetes educator and certified personal trainer. I have attended multiple trainings on motivational interviewing (am a member of MINT), and am a keen student of the psychology of behaviour modification, emotional eating, habit change and spirituality. My experience includes a blend of international best practices from the low carb community which I have successfully customised them to the Indian cultural context since moving from Chicago to Mumbai in 2011. My passion is to help people become their own health expert, so they make sustainable lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise and intermittent fasting so that they can enjoy better health with less medication. India carries a large percentage of the global diabetes and metabolic syndrome epidemic and I have over ten years experience in figuring out sustainable low carb solutions for the Indian cultural context. It is upon health care providers to discard the outdated misunderstandings around obesity, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. We can put a dent in this epidemic by starting the revolution, one life at a time.
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