Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice, BSc.(Hons) MCOptom (UK), MHP

Practice Philosophy Qualified in the U.K. as an Optometrist and is passionate about the science behind therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR). Now living in Cape Town, she produced the TCR References Resource for the Nutrition Network , is a Certified Nutrition Network Medical Practitioner, and an editor of 'Ketogenic: The Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health'. TCR References Resource ( - reference handouts and monthly research roundups ( - you can also reach this website by clicking on SMHP menu bar above, select 'Resources' then 'Research'.

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Level Founding Member, SMHP Accredited

Address Cape Town, South Africa

Area Of Expertise General

Credentials BSc.(Hons) MCOptom (UK), MHP


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