Research Committee

The purpose of the Research Committee is to support SMHP Members who desire to learn more about conducting research studies, provide training on the steps and processes involved, coordinate with the SMHP on future educational talks or training videos to serve as resources to expand research knowledge and opportunities for SMHP members, and connect members with potential Research Mentors to assist in creating, conducting and publishing research literature. If you are an SMHP member and would like to volunteer to help this committee, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Melanie Tidman

Melanie Tidman DHSc, M.A., OTR/L, MHP

Committee Chair

Dr. Melanie Tidman completed a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy, a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a Doctorate in Health Science. Dr. Tidman has 44 years of experience in pediatrics, intensive care, and adult physical rehabilitation, emphasizing neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, and neurosurgery rehabilitation. She received certification from the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners as a Metabolic Health Practitioner with specialties in Telehealth applications in Parkinson’s Disease, Metabolic Health, and Diabetes.

During her professional experience, Dr. Tidman has published over 20  articles about telehealth, healthcare reform,  Parkinson’s Disease, and Public Health applications to chronic disease management in developing countries. She is a contributing chapter author for an Occupational Therapy textbook. Her book “Families in ICU: A Survival Guide” was published in October 2015 and is the first book in a series of educational guides for families of patients with neurological conditions. Her second book “Families in the Rehabilitation Center and Beyond”  was published in February 2017. Dr. Tidman is an Adjunct Professor for  4 Universities and has expertise in healthcare delivery, healthcare administration,  patient-centered care, and professional writing. She is also the Director of Clinical Research for the Colorado Parkinson Foundation. She has conducted and published clinical research on Parkinson’s Disease using both low-carb approaches and the Ketogenic diet since 2019.

David Jehring 536x536

David Jehring

REDCap Database Manager

As a former NHS family doctor, Dr. David Jehring has transitioned to specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine, exploring the intricate connections between diet, lifestyle, and health. His approach combines comprehensive medical knowledge with a keen focus on how nutrition and environmental factors influence overall well-being. This year, he is organising a conference on Mental Health in London, bringing together leading researchers from the universities of Cambridge, Harvard, Edinburgh, and Washington to look at recent advances in nutritional interventions on brain health.

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Jehring has made significant contributions to healthcare technology. As the CEO of Black Pear Software, he has been instrumental in developing systems that facilitate crucial health data sharing across the healthcare community. His expertise in patient care informed the creation of the UK’s first Windows-based GP clinical system and the first national primary care data analytics platform in 2000, which played a vital role in national research projects like the RCGP research unit.

Dr. Jehring’s work extends beyond the clinic and into the public health arena as Chair of Trustees for the Public Health Collaboration, a charity promoting metabolic health to reverse chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes. Through his interest in regenerative agriculture at his Worcestershire smallholding, he has developed an interest in the impact of soil health on human health and now runs an annual conference bringing together leading healthcare practitioners and regenerative farmers.

Tro Kalayjian, DO

Doug Reynolds, BSc (Elec Eng), MHP